Health & Safety

Additional Information

Group Size: 

  • I am licensed for a total of 8 children 
  • I can have up to 6 children under the age of 5 at any one time and may have 1-2 school age children 


  • Hands are washed upon arrival, before meals, after playing outside, diapering, and couching/sneezing if into hands
  • Each child has their own color coded towel for hand drying daily 

Sleeping : 

  • Each child is provided their own  bedding -  cot, sheet,  blanket and pillow
  • Infants have their own pack n play
  • Bedding is stored separated and is washed when soiled and at least weekly
  • Children are monitored during naptime
  • Children are not required to sleep but each child will have a rest time
  • Infants sleep on their own schedule

Let's Move Child Care:

We Strive for 5 every day by:

  • Getting outside and enjoying physical activity
  • Limiting screen time
  • Serve healthy and nutritious snacks and meals
  • Beverages are milk and water available all day inside and outside
  • Support a mother's choice to breast feed her baby by working with her to safely store and feed her infant or by providing her a space to feed her infant or pump. 

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